BONYPLUS Repair-fix - Quick Easy - ideal in an emergency situation

BONYPLUS Repair-fixDenture Repair-fix is a complete repair kit with a unique three component system that can be used to temporarily repair your denture. The 3 components are adhesive, powder and liquid. The major advantage of this 3 component system is the pre-fixing stage. This allows you to assemble and disassemble the broken, split, loose or cracked pieces of the denture until you are satisfied with the repair before the final setting stage. It couldn't be simpler. The repair itself takes only minutes and there is no need for any additional tools or expert help. The results are always reliable.

  • The only repair system you can set and reset before making the bond permanent
  • The colour of the repair product matches your denture
  • Compact and ideal for travel (comes in a small, light weight box)
  • No additional tools needed

Product Classification:

Medical Device Class IIa


Last year I went on holiday and my dentures broke. Luckily I had my Bonyplus repair kit in my washbag. I had it fixed in minutes. Thank you.
2006-02-07 by John Green


 Download BONYPLUS Repair-fix (DE-IT-EN) Instructions for use   download-pdf-icon1

 Download BONYPLUS Repair-fix (FR-NL-EN) Instructions for use   download-pdf-icon1