Professional Denture Fixative Denture Adhesive cream guarantees a firm, reliable, long lasting hold.

Professional Denture Fixative Cream The 12 Hour Special Fixative Denture Cream is no ordinary denture adhesive. It’s advanced formula reacts with moisture in the mouth to provide a super strong hold lasting for up to 12 hours*.
(*Depends on Type of Denture)

Professional Denture Fixative Denture Cream was especially formulated to fix your denture in place allowing you to forget that you are wearing a denture altogether.

One application of the cream is sufficient to ensure a secure, firm fix. The latest technological advances in the denture field have allowed to elaborate specific molecules that free 2 active ingredients from the adhesive cream. This is what gives Professional Denture Fixative Denture Cream its remarkable super strong, super lasting hold. The latest research shows that these 2 active ingredients are triggered by saliva (Super Denture Adhesive Cream + Saliva = Super Strong Hold) which mutates into an adhesive gel to create a smooth and soft sealed layer between the denture and the gums. This also prevents food particles from getting stuck between them. In addition, the fresh mint flavour prevents denture odours.
  • Special Formula
  • Cream activates in the mouth for an exceptionally strong lasting hold
  • Stands up to warm and cold foods and drinks
  • Up to 12 hour hold

Product Classification:

Medical Device Class I


I have used most of the usual fixatives with varying degrees of success. Your's is by far the most satisfactory – thank you.
2006-04-21 by Fred Ronheim
I've used your product before and have found it excellent.
2006-02-16 by Ted Kneath


 Download 12 Hour Fixative Cream Instructions to use PDF   download-pdf-icon1